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Gas counters rotor RGK-Ex
Gas counters rotor RGK-Ex

Rotary gas meters RGK-Ex are designed to measure the amount of gas flowing in the pipeline at operating pressure and temperature. Used for commercial and technological gas accounting.

The meters are designed, manufactured and certified in accordance with recommendations of Ukranian State Standard EN 12480:2006 Rotary gas meters, and Technical regulations for measuring tools, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No163 dated 24.02.2016 type verification certificate (Module B) № UA.055.ST.044-19.

Flowmeters are explosion-proof and designed to operate together with an electronic gas volume corrector, have the explosion marking «ІІ 2 G Ex ib IIB T3 Gb -25°C≤ Ta ≤ +55°C»,that is confirmed by type verification certificate (Module B) № UA.055.ST.044-19. Link. and compliance with the requirements of DSTU EN 60079 0: 2017, amendment 11: 2017, DSTU EN 60079 11: 2017 and the Technical Regulation of equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (CMU Resolution of 28.12.2016 № 1055).

Rotary gas meters RGK-Ex are noted:
-High reliability;
-Stability of metrological characteristics over time;
- low sensitivity to gas pollution and pressure drops;
- the use of aluminum alloys in rotors;
- ease of installation and operation;
-SIT may be performed in any of the regions of Ukraine, easy to install and operate;
Letter disagnation :

GQnom RGC-and-Rob -Ex,,

where: GQnom nominal size. Rated gas consumption (Qnom - under working conditions), m3/h

i measurment range. This is the Qmin / Qmax ratio, at which the flowmeter operates with relative error not exceeding the the limits of permited values;

Рmax -maximum workking pressure, Mpa Which characterizes body strength of a flowmeter.

Rotary gas meters RGK-Ex are noted: Rotary gas meters RGK-Ex are noted:

Ex -Explosion-proof.

The main technical characteristics and weight of RGK-Ex gas meters
Qt is the transition flow rate that does not exceed 0.15 Qmax.
Overall and connecting sizes of RGK-Ex counters of standard sizes G40… G100
Overall and connecting sizes of counters of RGK-Ex of standard sizes G250… G1000

RGK-Ex gas meters are installed on the vertical section of the pipeline, gas movement from top to bottom.

No direct sections are required when installing the RGK-Ex gas meter.

Operating instructions. Gas counters rotor RGK-Ex.
Meters can be equipped with as follows:
- FGC or FGT gas filters with a replaceable filter unit;
- thermo-insulating fittings or thermo-insulating sleeves for thermocouples' resistance;
- with thermoinsulating sleeves for a control thermometer.
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