Promprylad Calibration of gas meters and inexpensive repairs in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine Industrial equipment
Calibration and repair of gas meters
Ivano-Frankivsk plant "Promprylad" provides services for calibration and repair of gas meters.
We carry out:

- calibration of gas meters such as LG-K, RG, RGK, RGS, RGA, manufactured by our plant, or turbine, rotor or ultrasonic;

- gas meter of another manufacturer of standard sizes G10… G4000;
- calibration of the electronic gas volume corrector;
- repair of gas meter type LG-K, RG, RGK, RGS and RGA.

Calibration and repair are carried out in our factory conditions (in the conditions of the manufacturer).

A post-repair warranty for a period of 12 months is provided for the work performed.

Installation for calibration of industrial gas meters

The computerized unit is designed to control the metrological characteristics of gas meters of turbine, rotor, ultrasonic types of sizes G10… G1600 (or sizes specified in the order) during their tests, metrological certification, verification, calibration, calibration, input control, etc.

The installation allows to determine the value of the main relative error of the meters being tested, at the specified (certified) values ​​of the volume costs specified in the certificates of metrological certification of reference gas meters.

The installation allows you to adjust the volume flow by observing its average value on the flow indicator on the screen of a personal computer (hereinafter - PC).

Note 1: Certified nominal values ​​of volumetric costs, for which the maximum permissible values ​​of the main relative error are normalized, are given in the certificates of state metrological certification (verification) of reference gas meters (EL) included in the installation.

Note 2: When checking the meters, the deviation of the specified volumetric air flow from the nominal values ​​should not exceed the value set by the regulatory and technical document for the calibration of meters.

Installation diagram
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